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Wilderness DayZ – A Unique Survival Experience.


Donation Info

WLD | Donations

We are now fully approved for Monetization from Bohemia Interactive. Server costs are not cheap believe it or not. We use the best hardware and dedicated servers available.
You can find our specs in our discord in the  #server-information-and-mods channel

Our Server Costs
Server – £101.99/Month
Windows Server – £61.20/3 Month
Advertisements – £60/Month

Total Monthly Cost

Donation Perks
Gone are the days of paying for weapons and gear (Thank God). We can only offer purely cosmetics items which doesn’t include anything with an armour value or backpack.

You can spawn in (if you die) with the following

Any Donation – Donator Discord Rank

Donator Of The Month
Donator of the Month will earn a Discord Rank of Donator of the Month to be displayed below Member of the Month.

Any Donation grants the ability of a private discord channel for you and your clan.

Due to Bohemias Monetization Rules, we cannot offer weapons, backpacks, vests, currencies ect or anything with an armour value.
You can read more about Bohemias Monetization Policy here – https://www.bohemia.net/monetization

Donation Progress - July - 180 GPB 0