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How To Join

How to Join

WLD | How To Join


The easiest way for you to join is through DZSALauncher. Party because our server uses it to synchronise and automatically update mods, thus avoiding server mismatch issues when trying to join. Also it will download the mods required when joining the server.

To do this, head to https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home and click the Download Button. Once downloaded, open up DZSALauncher. The first thing you should do is set a player name. This will prevent you from being kicked off the server due to the default Survivor name. You can do this by hitting “Settings” and setting your name under “In Game Name”.


Then you can filter WLD to find our servers, and join one either Chernarus or Deer Isle (#1 and #2). It will prompt you to download the required mods. Once downloaded, you will be able to join.


Note: The server automatically updates mods. If a mod is updated, the server will restart. You will need to close your DZSALauncher and reopen it to update the mods. The same is applied when mods are added or removed.