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Wilderness DayZ – A Unique Survival Experience.

Mod List

Community Framework

WLD | Community Framework
Community Framework is a mod required by other mods. It is a core mod used in most servers.

Community Online Tools

WLD | Community Online Tools
Community Online Tools is a mod designed to assist in the administration of the server. It allows Admins the ability to spawn in objects, view players on the map, has a built in ESP (Useful for moving items that are stuck and deleting items), spectate players ect. It also features powerful admin logs which logs a wide variety of things.


WLD | BuildAnywhere

BuildAnywhere is a mod that allows you to Base Build in places where Vanilla DayZ would restrict you, such as in buildings.


WLD | Inventory Plus

Inventory Plus give players the ability to run whilst having their inventory open, whereas Vanilla DayZ restricts you in walking whilst the inventory is open.


WLD | VanillaPlusPlusMap

VanillaPlusPlusMap is a powerful mod that allows players the instant use of a map. The map is particularly important as it shows players where traders are on the map. Custom map markers with custom icons can be placed and can also be seen in 3D when out of the map via HUD.

Unlimited Stamina

WLD | Unlimited Stamina

A self explanatory mod that gives players unlimited stamina so that they are not penalised by sprinting or jumping or indeed carry weight.


WLD | WeaponReduxPack

A mod that adds Vanilla DayZ weapons that were previously removed in updates.

Summer Chernarus

WLD | Summer_Chernarus

A re-texturing mod that turns the doomy, gloomy Vanilla DayZ map into a more vibrant and colourful Chernarus.

Cl0uds Military Gear

WLD | Cl0uds Military Gear

A mod that comes with 100s of different items and camos for nearly every item of clothing such as field pants, vests, backpacks, ghillie suits, jackets, all available in over 10 different camos.


WLD | PartyMe

A simple GUI mod that allows players to group up with friends so that they are visible in the 3D HUD. Never second guess teammates again with this handy mod.

QuieterSuppressors (AI)

WLD | Quieter Suppressors (AI)

A simple mod which increases the range that zombies are aggro’d at when using suppressed weapons.

Durable Suppressors

WLD | Durable Suppressors

A simple mod that increasing the durability of suppressors, thus reducing how quickly they will degrade from pristine to ruined.


WLD | BuilderItems

A mod required to spawn and initialise custom locations, such as our Camp Wilderness or Chernarus Caves by Streider.


WLD | Trader

A unique (And probably the most popular) mod where players can buy and sell most of the weapons/gear/items in the game. Players can buy and sell most weapons and items from all the modpacks too, and can buy building materials, storage, garden plots, gun racks and much much more. It also introduces Rubles, which is the primary currency to buy and sell items.

DayZ Expansion Chat

WLD | DayZ Expansion Chat

A mod included in the upcoming DayZ Expansion Project that allows the use of Direct and Side Chat so players can communicate freely with other players.

Code Lock

WLD | Code Lock

A simple mod that allows users to attach a UI Code Lock to their bases and tents.


Trader Compatible: Yes

OP Base Items

WLD | OP Base Items

A mod that adds lockable lockers, Gardening Boxes, Grass and Dirt Mounds (For cover), Water Storage Kit (For stocking water), Custom Tents, A clock and watch displaying current server time and banners.


Trader Compatible: Yes

Advanced Weaponry

WLD | Advanced Weaponry

A mod that adds even more weapons to the server. (We love weapons)

Trader Compatible: Yes


WLD | CPBWeapons

Another weapon mods that adds a variety of different weapons.

Trader Compatible: Yes


WLD | DisabledBaseDestruction

A mod that removes the ability to break walls down from the outside. Players are still able to destroy from the inside. Note: This mod does not effect structures created with the BaseBuildingPlus Mod.

Omnicidal Bags

WLD | Omnicidal Bags

A mod with custom textured backpacks with bigger inventories.
Backpack sizes are as follows:

These backpacks are available in over 25 varieties.

Trader Compatible: No [In Progress of Implementation]

`{`CrSk`}` GAZ-3309

WLD | [CrSk] GAZ-3309

A mod that adds a unique truck to the game. It is packed full of inventory space, so it is handy for those who are building bases. This truck spawns throughout the map and can also be bought from the Trader.


Trader Compatible: Yes


WLD | BaseBuildingPlus

A mod that allows players to build better bases. This mod is more functional than Vanilla DayZ bases and incorporates the use of snapping. It also allows for players to upgrade their bases using a Tier system, with concrete being the best.

BBP also utilises its own codelocks.


Trader Compatible: Yes