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Wilderness DayZ – A Unique Survival Experience.

Wilderness DayZ Development

Modpack Developement

We are currently preparing for the release of our modpack, which will contain many re textured items such as food, drinks, clothing, bags and such. The Modpack aims to introduce a fresh GUI from the main menu logo, to the loading screens and to an ingame logo. We also aim to help grow content creators and create custom branded clothing for YouTube and Twitch content creators. So please feel free to drop us a message on Discord and we can fulfil your request.

Server Development

We use CFTools and Omega manager to manage our servers, which gives us extreme flexibility when managing our server and mods, such as automatically updating the server when theres an update, automatically updating and applying updates on modpacks as soon as they are updated on Steam. We utilise this tool to carefully select our mods for which we and the community feels will best suit our servers.